Our Donors

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Merrill Ice Draggers Scholarship

Merrill Ice Draggers Inc. is dedicated to providing a family-friendly winter drag racing experience like no other! Merrill Ice Drags were founded in 1965 so local men and women could continue to have automobile-type drag racing fun during the winter months. In 1970...


NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) Student Chapter Scholarship

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Local Student Chapter works closely with local, state and national builder’s organizations to support NTC Architectural Design & Technology students in their quest to become career oriented professionals. The NTC NAHB...

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NCWWDB (Norcentral Wisconsin Workforce Development Board) Employer of the Year Scholarship

The NCWWDB Employer of the Year Scholarship was established as an endowment in 2018 by the Northcentral Wisconsin Workforce Development Board. Its intent is to provide a scholarship to an NTC student who is pursuing a field of study which supports the industry...


NTC Student Life Leadership Scholarship

The NTC Student Governing Board was one of several college clubs that saw A Day for NTC Students as an opportunity to create a lasting scholarship to assist students on their educational journey. The scholarship was originally established, as an endowment, in 2000,...

Patricia Ann Grall

Patricia Ann Grall Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students

Patricia Ann Grall was unable to pursue nursing studies upon completion of high school. However, in her early 40s she returned to study at Northcentral Technical College, where she completed her Nursing Associate Degree. For more than 15 years Pat provided some of...

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Paul & Jean Pearson Family Scholarship

Paul and Jean Pearson met at a reunion for the NTC Architectural/Residential Design program, and were married for over twenty years. When Paul was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, the family thought that a scholarship through the NTC Foundation would be the most...

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Peg Van Beane Memorial Scholarship

The Peg Van Beane Memorial Scholarship was established by NTC President, Dr. Lori Weyers, to honor the memory of her aunt Peg, who was a life-long advocate for education.


Reginald "Reggie" Allar Memorial Scholarship

The Reginald “Reggie” Allar Memorial Scholarship was established in 2018 by NTC leadership, faculty and staff, along with Reggie’s friends and family, to honor his memory and make a difference in the life of a student. This scholarship is designated for a new or...


Rich Wendtland & E.L.M. Repair Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Rich Wendtland, who unexpectedly passed away several years ago. Rich was passionate about being a diesel technician. He was skilled at his job and had a very outgoing personality. He loved to work with his hands and...

Robert Rast Memorial Scholarship

Robert Rast Memorial Scholarship

Robert Rast served his country during both the Korean and Vietnam wars in the Special Forces and as a Green Beret. Bob’s family established this scholarship in 2020 to honor his memory and assist students, especially veterans, who are pursuing a degree in the Diesel...

Scott and Lucas Gast.JPG

Scott and Lucas Gast Memorial Scholarship

The Scott and Lucas Gast Memorial Scholarship was established by NTC staff member, Dr. Brad Gast, in memory of Scott and Lucas Gast (his father and son, respectively). Through this scholarship, it is the family’s wish to continue the dreams and passion instilled upon...


Thomas Raff Memorial Scholarship

Former NTC Foundation Board member and long-time friend of the College, Robert Raff, established the Thomas Raff Memorial Scholarship as an endowment, in 2013 during A Day for NTC Students, to honor the memory of his father Thomas. It is awarded annually to a student...

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Wausau Homes Inc. Scholarship

Wausau Homes, Inc. provides a scholarship each semester to a successful Architectural Residential Design student who shows mastery of skill and knowledge of residential design, participates in extra-curricular activities and exemplifies competence.

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Wisconsin Road Knights Car Club Scholarship

The Wisconsin Road Knights Car Club is a family oriented organization that provides car enthusiasts the opportunity to share their interest in cars and trucks. As part of its mission to provide community service the club is offers a scholarship to support an NTC...