Greenheck Fan Corporation Scholarship

Greenheck Fan Corporation Scholarship

Founded by brothers, Bernie and Bob Greenheck in their garage, Greenheck Fan Corporation has grown into an international leader in manufacturing industrial fans and ventilation equipment. They are a major employer of NTC alumni and are a strong supporter of NTC programs and initiatives. Greenheck was a major contributor to the new AME (Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering) Center of Excellence project in 2014 and established the Greenheck Fan Corporation Scholarship in 1998. Greenheck also sponsors the NTC Central Wisconsin Science & Engineering Festival and provides monetary support for the NTC Promise program. In 2017, Greenheck Fan Corporation was named Employer of the Year during our annual Advisory Committee Recognition Event, in recognition of the outstanding support their employees provide through participation on NTC Advisory Committees.

Bernie and Bob would most likely be pleased and proud of the growth and progress Greenheck Fan has experienced in the years since its humble beginnings, as well as by the strong role the company continues to play in giving back and making our greater community a better place to work and live.


“Throughout my entire high school career, I have worried about how I am going to pay for college. Thanks to your generous donation, I no longer have to worry about how to pay for my first semester at NTC. I am so excited to start my new journey of becoming an RN. Thanks to you, my dreams are starting to come true; I cannot thank you enough for that. I greatly appreciate your investment in my future. Thank you for supporting me and my dreams.”

Greenheck Fan Corporation Scholarship recipient